How a massage can help with depression and anxiety

Mental illness seems to be a growing trend in today’s ever so fast pace society, with more and more of us succumbing to its symptoms. There are too many to name here, but some of the more common ones include anger, depression, and paranoia. Not everybody can help it however, as some are born with a genetic predisposition towards contracting a mental illness, while others have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives at one point in time.

Massages have been used for therapeutic purposes for millennia now, and are an effective safe way to treat a variety of symptoms of mental illness. It was the Chinese and the Greek medical systems that were early pioneers in the development of this concept as a branch in medicine, but other societies have made valuable contributions since then.

In the most basic definition of the word, a massage is the manual stimulation of soft body tissue. A variety of stressful maladies can be taken care of by triggering different points on the body. Whether or not your Tampa massage is more of the clinical or relaxing nature does not matter as both contribute to the overall well being of the mind, body, and soul.

Massages are known to increase the flow of blood in individuals experiencing high blood pressure. Some recent studies have shown that frequent massage therapy can reduce the systolic pressure by a significant amount.

Studies have also shown that regular massages are linked to a reduction of depression and anger in cancer patients while increasing their energy. The trauma that cancer treatment puts the psyche through is Spartan at best, leaving the patient often feeling worthless and weak. This can lead to severe depression including despair and suicidal thoughts. The stimulating touch of Tampa massage has been shown to relieve the tension in your muscles, causing your brain to release the pleasing neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals act as the body’s very own anti-depressant, leaving one feeling very pleased.

There are many more mysteries to be explained in this ever changing era of technology. Act now to reap the benefits of a proven system that can only advance to bigger and better things in the future. Your happiness, your health, and even your life may depend on it. Make sure to consult with your physician before undergoing any course of therapy as it may not be beneficial to everybody.

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